Leave management

The leave management system module is organized on 6 different pages :

  • the employee page where each employee can submit a new leave request, follow up on their requests in progress and access their leave entitlement status
  • the overtime declaration page where the employee confirms the overtime completed
  • the manager page where each manager validates the leave requests and overtime declarations submitted by their team employees
  • the individual administration page for the leave module (HR Manager) where the administrator can add and delete leave requests for any company employee
  • the global administration page module for the leave request where the administrator can validate or refuse all pending leave requests in batches
  • the report page where the administrator of the leave management module can access a detailed report for a given period of leave taken, entitlement and balance for each employee

My Intranet allows different types of leave to be managed.

Leave request

On this page, the employee accesses the different information they need to follow up on their leave. They can also submit a new request via the leave request form. The leave management module administrator can use this page, with each employee profile, to add or delete leave requests for each employee.

The leave entitlement status table gives the calculation for each type of leave. It provides a quick view of the days earned, days requested, days taken and the balance, including the intended period for each type of leave. The calculations for this table are made dynamically everytime the page is updated. It is crucial to notice that this table will only show the types of leave which the employee is entitled to according to their category.

leave rights table
The table with the leave and absence records gives the different leave requests submitted as well as their status. The employee can then delete the requests assuming their starting date is in the future.

leave requests table

The overtime recovery hour table gives all the overtime hour declarations.

overtime hours table

Finally, you can submit your leave request by selecting the starting date and the end date (if different from the starting date), select leave type and then submit the request. If there is a sufficient balance available, the request will be taken into account and submitted for validation to the manager (or in the event of their absence, the person with delegated authority). The leave request form allows to submit a new leave request in just 3 clics.

leave request

Declaration of overtime recovery hours

According to the selected configuration, either the employee declares their overtime directly or the HR centralize perfoms individual declarations on behalf of employees.

To do that, you simply have to fill out the form by indicating the date with the starting hour of a typical day, the usual ending hour and the actual ending hour of that day. The program automatically calculates the difference between the usual ending hour and the actual ending hour to determine the employee’s number of overtime hours.

overtime request

Leave and overtime validation

On this page, the manager can approve or reject leave requests submitted by their team members. If on leave themselves, a manager can delegate another company employee to validate leave requests submitted by their team members.

pending leave requests table

A table lists all leave requests pending validation. For each request, the manager can mention the reasons for their decision.

Several tools are at the manager’s disposal to help them make their decision :

  • a table indicating the leave balance available to be taken by each team member;

team management

  • a schedule enabling them to see who is present and who is absent over a given period according to planned leave and travel. Thus any arbitrage can be settled very quickly. The leave schedule is accessible to all employees. It can be sorted by date, employee category, location and team.

team planning
On this page the manager also validates overtime hours declared by their team members.

pending overtime requests table

Leave report

The HR manager (or any other person entitled to administrate the leave module) can generate an absence report at any point for any period of time. It is possible to filter the report per employee category, per location, per team and per employee.

leave report
The person in charge can also generate this report in an XML format file, immediately usable in Excel (or any other spreadsheet software compatible with the XML format). As a result, the data is consolidated and can be easily used for payroll processing.

The report automatically generated in real time is composed of four tables :

  • A table containing the different calculations of leave entitlement per employee for the selected period
  • A table showing the different types of leave taken during the period
  • A table showing the different leave requests submitted during the period
  • A table showing the different overtime recovery declared during the period