Corporate directory software module

Its features

It allows organizational chart and internal company directory management.

It allows employee contact details to be found in a few seconds.

It allows you to know the position, location and availability of any employee in the company.

Its advantages


Time saved : the contact details can be found in a few seconds (no more manual search in a paper directory).

Communication improved : possibility to find out who does what by browsing the hierarchy, to know who is present.

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Features overview

The internal corporate directory is one of the new IT tools to be implemented to improve communication between employees and promote an open culture within your company.

Search by employee

The directory integrated in My Intranet allows you to obtain the following information on each registered user :
  • their postal, electronic and telephone contact details
  • their current job position
  • their presence
  • their hierarchical structure (from their team to the company director)
Corporate directory

Performing a database query is quick thanks to an autocomplete system. Just typing in a few letters of the last name or first name of the person you are looking for will generate a list of proposed results. After selecting the correct person the system posts the details directly on the current page. It is thus possible to carry out several enquiries without leaving or reloading the page.

The information in the directory and the hierarchical structure are updated real time as soon as an administrator modifies a user profile.

Organization structure

Search by job position

You don’t know an employee’s name? You can use the search by job position feature. It allows you to list all the people in the company occupying a particular position. And if you don’t know the exact job title, that’s not a problem. By entering a few letters, the auto-completion system will suggest the closest position from the company’s list of positions.

Thanks to this intelligent internal directory module, you will be able to benefit from the dematerialization of the old paper directory that is cluttering your employees’ desks. This is one of the internal communication tools to be used as part of the company digital transformation.

Export of contact data

The contact data (email, physical address and phone numbers) of each employee can be exported via the VCard format to feed the contact list of a cell phone or a contact management software.