Leave request

The leave request allows the employee to formalize their wish to be away from work. Throughout the absence, the general terms of their employment contract are usually maintained. This enables them not only to carry on receiving their salary and accumulating leave entitlements but also guarantees them the security of the same position on their return. However, in certain cases such as unpaid leave for instance, the employee is not paid and does not accumulate leave entitlements.

In My Intranet, an online leave management software, the company can configure for every type of leave how it will impact the acquisition and take-up of paid leave, reduced working time or overtime recovery for the employee. This offers great flexibility in the configuration and thus complies with the various company policies in force. The solution is also able to handle multiple public holidays lists.

The leave management system has been designed to make leave request management as simple as possible. Therefore the leave request procedure is completed in 3 distinct steps :

  • first, to take some days off from work, the employee submits in the software a leave request with leave dates and type of leave via the paid leave request form
  • then, the manager (or the person with delegated authority) validates the leave request taking into account the legal deadline for validating or rejecting a leave request.
  • finally, the HR inputs the consolidated data related to employee leave requests in their payroll software

This entirely paperless management leave system means there are no longer any leave request paper forms to fill out, sign or file away. The time saved is significant and the problems arising from manual processing are limited (especially the mislaying of leave request forms).

Nowadays most companies use paper format, simply because they are not aware that a leave management IT solution exists to automate processing. This innovative discovery is always a bit of a revolution for the company which must convince its employees to adopt it. However, once the change has been made, we have never heard of a company reversing course because the gain in productivity are so significant that it would not be economically sustainable and would have a great organizational impact if the company got back to leave management paper forms.

With My Intranet, gone are the days of the leave request form in PDF, Word or Excel format that the employee had to fill, print, get signed off and sent to the HR department for payroll consolidation! Everything is now automated!