On this page you will find the answers to a number of frequently asked questions about My Intranet software solution. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further question.

Questions on technical aspects

Are the solution installation and configuration complex?
No, the implementation of the intranet solution is very fast. We take care of this entirely. We just require some information from you at the beginning, about your users, to be able to create the accounts. For “in-house” plan (solution hosted on your server), if we cannot access your server via Internet, you can carry out the installation and configuration following the procedure provided. The solution has been designed with the aim of making it simple to install, configure and maintain so that it is suitable for all companies.
Does every employee have to have an e-mail address in order to use the software?
No, this is not mandatory. The employee can use the software without having an e-mail address. Having an e-mail address allows you to receive notifications following submission and processing of a leave or expense request. So if the employee does not have an e-mail address, they will not receive these notifications and must log on to the software from time to time, to check the status of the requests in progress.

Questions on features

My company does not need all the modules, can I implement one single module?
Yes the solution is completely modular. Each module can be activated (and deactivated) in one single click of the mouse on the option page. Thus you can use the leave management, the directory or the expense modules completely independently.
What type of leave can be managed by the solution?
With My Intranet you can manage paid leave, overtime recovery and numerous other types of leave. Please browse the page containing the types of leave list for further information.
How flexible are the leave parameters for the configuration?

The employees are divided into categories in our leave software. For each category the type of leave the employee is entitled to take is defined (paid leave, overtime recovery hours, etc…). Then start and end dates for the periods when leave is taken are also determined (paid leave, overtime recovery hours). After, the paid leave is set in days (generally 25 days but this can be adjusted depending on the employee category and needs). Consequently there is a huge flexibility to configure and customize the leave management module which meets the specific needs of companies.

My Intranet can manage all types of leave in the form of worked days, working days, calendar days and hours. With this solution you can also manage part-time whether pro-rata or not.

Can the solution manage a time-saving account?
Yes, My Intranet allows you to manage a time-saving account. For each type of leave (paid leave, reduced working time or overtime recovery) credit periods with a credit balance per period are defined. A global ceiling for the time-saving account is also defined.
How can I interface the solution with my payroll management system?
My Intranet was developed to save time at all levels. As a result of that, you can generate at any point a report for a designated period including all data on requested leave, leave taken and the calculation of leave entitlement. This report is available in HTML and XML format (directly exploitable in Excel).

My Intranet is also able to directly export the datas in the appropriate format into most of the payroll solutions (Sage, …).

Does the solution enable you to manage several sites?
Yes, My Intranet allows you to manage the leave throughout your company. As a result, whether your company has one or ten sites with different geographical locations, the solution can manage them all. The different sites are indeed defined in the options of the software and one site is allocated to each employee when their account is created. This site allocation can be modified at any time by the administrator.
When a manager is on leave who can validate the pending requests?
My Intranet has an integrated authority delegation management system. Thus each manager can delegate approval of requests submitted by members of their team either temporarily (during their leave and travel) or permanently to another employee in the company. Permanent delegation is specifically adapted to the manager who wishes their assistant to validate team requests. Finally, the module administrator has the possibility to validate pending requests.
Can leave request be synchronized with a calendar?
Yes, for each validated request an ical file corresponding to the leave period is attached in the e-mail notification. Thus the e-mail software calendar (e.g. Outlook) can be synchronized in a single click.

Questions on sales and regulatory aspects

If I encounter a problem or if I have a question once the software solution is installed and configured, what is the process?
You benefit from technical support throughout your subscription. This is the advantage of a subscription service. At all times you can benefit from help via the software development team.
If a new version is developed with new features and updates how can I obtain them?
This is another advantage of the subscription package. You benefit from the updates free of charge. Thus you are sure to always have the very latest version of the software with the latest developments.
How can I proceed to benefit from the solution?
Simply fill the form on the subscription page. Shortly after that we will forward you a sales proposal adapted to your needs. Once you have subscribed, you have the right to use the software service throughout the subscription period. The subscription can be renewed annually. It can be terminated at the end of each subscription period in which case the access rights to the solution are closed.
Why is the My Intranet solution not free of charge and cannot be freely downloaded?
The development and support of a solution like My Intranet requires high-level of expertise. My Intranet implements all the latest Internet technology, especially at the user interface level. The development of such a solution represents thousands of hours work. The only viable model allowing development and sustainability of such a solution, is a fee-based model.

However the real advantage of this solution lies in the fact that its implementation instantly allows savings to be made in terms of productivity. In addition, with the subscription service package the company has no initial investment to make. Also if you opt for “SaaS” plan (the solution hosted on our servers), all the technical aspects are covered within the subscription. In “in-house” plan, your company remains responsible for the hosting.