Lists of public holidays

In the leave and absence management software, My Intranet, it is possible to define the public holiday calendar for each year. This makes it possible to comply with the rules set for each country. To achieve that, the admin will define public holidays depending on whether the company is acting in USA, UK, France, or any other country.

Moreover, in certain regions or certain companies (according to a branch agreement or a company agreement), some days are not worked whereas they are elsewhere. Thanks to the flexible configuration of My Intranet, these days can be defined individually in the software.

Each list of public holidays can be attached to a category of employees, thus offering great flexibility in the configuration.

Adding holidays

The creation of public holidays in the calendar is very simple by batch or individually by entering the days one by one. It does not take more than a minute to set up all the bank holidays of the year.

My Intranet has been designed to simplify your life. So if you add a public holiday during the year while leave requests including this day have already been submitted, the software detects it and automatically updates the impacted duration of the leave request.

Deleting a holiday

For many reasons, you may need to delete a public holiday that has been configured in advance. This is not a problem in My Intranet. The operation is very simple in a few clicks. Here again, the impact of vacation requests already submitted is updated in real time.

Display of public holidays

Public holidays are visible at different levels in the solution :

  • in the global planning,
  • in the calendar used by employees to submit requests,
  • in the time tracking module at the weekly planning level.