HR personnel number

Do your employees have an HR personnel number? This number is shown on their badge but also on their pay slip and in the employee’s HR file. It is used to uniquely identify the employee within the company.

In My Intranet, each employee has a unique identifier that is used to log on. This identifier can very well be his HR personnel number. But it can also be his email address or a login composed of his first and last name. In addition to the login identifier, it is also possible to associate one or more matricule numbers to each employee.

Format of the HR personnel number

My Intranet HRIS works with an intelligent system of custom fields. These fields are associated to each employee individually. For the personnel number, this will be a text field which can be a sequence of numbers, letters or a mix of both. The proposed format offers great freedom.

An employee may have more than one personnel number :

  • Payroll number : used on pay slips.
  • IT personnel number : for connection to the various applications.
  • Badge number : for access to the company’s offices.

This isn’t an issue in My Intranet since it is possible to have as many different personnel numbers as you wish.

HR personnel number

Here are some tips to define the format of a personnel number :

  • It must be unique so that there is no risk of confusion between employees in the different databases where it appears.
  • It must meet the assigned target. For example, you can include a letter to identify the location if you need to distinguish between them.
  • It must be compatible with the constraints of the different systems where it will be integrated. Some softwares are not very flexible and will not accept numbers with letters or dashes. This is not the case with My Intranet, which is particularly flexible to facilitate the administrative management of employees.

Importing personnel numbers

My Intranet was designed from the begining to make life easier for its users. So rather than having to enter personnel numbers one by one under each employee profile, My Intranet offers a batch import module that allows you to import thousands of personnel numbers in a few seconds. This also limits the risk of errors during data entry.

The use of personnel numbers

The personnel numbers can be used at different levels in My Intranet :

The personnel number is used as an internal correspondence key that can be reused with third-party software. Human resources management is thus more fluid and simplified from an administrative point of view.