Personel file management

My Intranet contains an advanced management personnel file management module. This allows you to do a complete tracking of the data linked to an employee. A certain amount of common data can be associated with all employees :

  • personal contact details
  • list of qualifications
  • people to be contacted in case of emergency
  • record of positions held in the company
  • date of birth
  • date of arrival in company
  • list of certifications and accreditations

Other than these fields listed by default, each client can add, at their convenience, an unlimited amount of data according to the information they wish to process at the HR file level for each employee in My Intranet. The data structure is dynamic, thus allowing you to have a great diversity in the format of input data.

The full advantage of this personnel file management module, lies in the fact that the data is also accessible in other modules in order to enrich the existing data. For each field, you can configure access in a very specific way, depending on the target module and the user level (employee, manager and administrator).

Data is input in each employee profile by the administrator or the employee themselves (according to the settings selected for each field).

HR file

Still in relation to visibility settings, data is then available in the different modules. For example, in the internal directory module, the employee record is enriched with an HR box filled with data input in their profile.

Personel file