Working time tracking

My Intranet is the ideal software solution to manage company employee working time. Indeed, in addition to managing leave, My Intranet gives you the possibility to manage overtime.

The employee or the personnel manager completes the overtime requests. Then, the manager validates the request thus opening entitlement to overtime recovery for the employee.

In order to comply with company policy, the intranet solution allows you to define a premium hour policy per timeslot. For instance, you can indicate that an hour worked on a Saturday gives a two-hour recovery entitlement.

The overtime request submission is very easy to complete. It only takes a few seconds to fill out. The employee inputs the time they began work, the time they usually end work and the time they actually ended work, according to the overtime hours carried out. Then, the solution automatically calculates the recovery time length and the associated premium.

Once the overtime recovery balance has been credited, the employee can submit overtime recovery requests on a flexible time basis (e.g. from 15:34 to 17:12) or on a fixed half-day or full-day time basis following the pre-defined times configured in the solution (e.g. 4 hours on Monday morning and 3,5 hours on Monday afternoon).

Thanks to this overtime management module, My Intranet becomes an authentic software for employee working time follow-up.