Intranet solution installation and configuration

Installation of My Intranet

In the SaaS plan (solution hosted on our servers), the installation of the human resources management system is included in your subscription. If you choose the “in-house” formula (solution hosted on your own servers), we proceed with the installation and the configuration of the solution via internet. If your server is not accessible via Internet, we provide you with a detailed process for the solution installation and configuration.

Configuration of My Intranet

The intranet solution configuration is an essential step in its implementation. We work together with you throughout the complete process, from the definition of parameters to their implementation so that the solution configuration accurately reflects your own company leave and expense account management requirements.

The way in which leave is managed varies significantly from one company to another. Drawing on a number of years’ experience, My Intranet solution has evolved to be able to meet requirements diversity as part of the leave software. This explains why, nowadays, it can manage leave on the basis of worked days, working days, calendar days and hours. Even in the same company, different rules can apply, for example, certain employees can be managed in hours, others in days. This highly flexible configuration is adaptable to a wide number of situations.

Finally, according to your internal management evolution, the application configuration can be modified at any moment.

User creation

After the configuration has been implemented the next step is to create users. To do this, My Intranet has a special feature to create users in batches from an Excel file. The process of user creation is totally automated and thus very fast.