The number one solution to manage leaves and expenses

My Intranet is an intranet HRIS solution available in SaaS format (Software as a Service, hosted on our servers, web based solution available online) and in-house (hosted in-company, solution available on intranet). My Intranet is a comprehensive self-service interface integrating several human resources management modules that your employees will be using every day.

Payroll preparation and accounting management are now automated!

Thanks to My Intranet, an online intranet software service, your company can benefit quickly from the advantages of an intranet and thus manage efficiently the challenge of internal communication whilst reducing operational costs. Providing the necessary software tools to automate the current processing of paper forms, allows the free flow of exchange and consequently improves employee productivity. The implementation of such a web-based leave, absence and expense account management software, immediately generates a substantial cost saving at each stage of the process (request, manager validation, payroll and accounting management). Time saving, processing automation and error reduction are among the many advantages of the implementation of paperless process for your company staff.

Leave and expense management system

A fully modular software to manage paid leave and travel expenses

My Intranet is a complete software solution including :

Thanks to My Intranet software, each employee has access to a dashboard integrating paid leave entitlement (expressed in days or hours), leave schedule and travel schedule for their team. The manager has a global view of the schedule of their team members. This allows the manager to validate requests easily. All the power of a resources and expenses planning software is integrated in My Intranet. Personnel and time management are thus optimized and employee satisfaction is increasing as they enjoy a powerful and easy to use tool.

My Intranet stands out from other HRIS applications as it is easy to use and maintain HRM tool. Indeed, it is a genuine and complete turn-key software service (SaaS) including hosting, installation, configuration and solution maintenance. With this HR software the company is totally free from the technical aspect, the application is delivered ready-to-use. The company can, of course, continue to take care of this technical aspect – if it wishes to – via our in-house package.

So if you are looking for a leave management system as well as travel and expense management software application to simplify administrative tasks related to employee management, don’t wait, My Intranet is for you, offer an HR portal to your employees!